Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Movie Confirmed!

toky ghoul live action movie
There is some great news for all Tokyo Ghoul fans out there. In the latest release of the popular manga Tokyo Ghoul, it has been confirmed that a live action movie will be produced. Sui Ishida, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul, has also confirmed the news, and has stated that a perfect actor was chosen to play the main character, Kaneki Ken. That is as much as we know now about the movie. We have seen a lot of live action movie adaptations of popular anime/manga lately. The most recent big movie adaptation came from Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan in English. The movie received mixed criticism, and many believed that it did not live up to it’s potential. But other manga movie adaptations, such as the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie received critical and commercial success.

Tokyo Ghoul tells the story of a college student named Kaneki Ken, who one day turns into a half ghoul. Ghouls are considered vicious creators who prey on humans, but yet they’re indistinguishable from humans, which make them even more terrifying. There are two seasons to the anime series so far, with the third season currently in the works. For anyone who is interested in the horror/mystery genre, I would highly recommend this series. It starts out very slow, but if you give it a couple episodes, it is a great series. The first season sets the backstory for the show and it’s the second season where things get really interesting. Each season consists of 12 episodes, so anyone can easily get into it and there is not a lot of catching up you have to do like with other long shows.

Comment below what you think of this news. Will this be another botched movie adaptation, or will they be able to pull it off?

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