Paradise Kiss Anime Review

paradise kiss
Ah romance, nothing quite like watching two characters slowly progress from strangers, to friends, to close friends, to flamingoers. All while you sit there in front of your computer screen mesmerized, as you vainly attempt to block out your growing feelings of loneliness and sorrow.
Ha! Who needs love when you have Anime, right? … Right? Yeaaah….

Now gleefully enjoy the totally masculine adventures of fashion design and thrilling fast paced romance. If you ever had the strange urge to watch Yaoi? But wished there was less Yaoi involved? Then this is definitely the show for you! Because the main male lead George, would not go amiss in Free! In fact he’d probably be the first to flamingo the lot of them; I tell you that.
To summarize he is basically the perfect mix between bad boy and gentleman, perhaps not something to look up to but certainly worth amusing yourself with. Now since I have no doubt that last paragraph removed any males from the room, that hopefully leaves only the ladies. So yeah… H-how are you doing? I kid of course, there are no women on the internet.

Anyway, this is a short series that greatly sums up the necessary pieces of any good romance.
Its not all sunshine and lollipops, though admittedly there are a few rainbows here and there if you catch my drift. That said the series does take the FABULOUS route of storytelling. Which is fast, to the point and leaves you wondering what the flamingo? The most noteworthy point being a constant progression between the two main characters, George and uh, the other one. Most series tease a lot and don’t really go anyway, this series heads in one direction and doesn’t stop. At least until the bridge gives way and everything goes to Berserk 2016.

That said, if you are tired of watching slow paced romance and need a quick fix, you can’t go wrong with this one. I certainly enjoyed it more than I expected, so maybe you will too. Just keep in mind the wise words of Admiral Ackbar. See ya around maties.

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