New Berserk Season Coming Summer 2016!

berserk 2016
For all Berserk fans out there, rejoice! A new season of Berserk has been confirmed in the Japanese magazine Young Animal. The author of the manga, Kentarou Miura, states in the magazine that Guts, the protagonist of the series, will be depicted in his “Black Swordsman” appearance, which was only seen in the first, and last episode of the original anime series. This likely means that the anime will cover manga chapters that haven’t been animated before. This is good news for old fans, who would have otherwise had to wait at least 20+ episodes before the anime covered new chapters of the manga not previously animated. But who knows, we might still get some sort of a backstory for the series, in order to bring individuals who haven’t seen the original 1997 series up to date. Regardless, I still highly recommend for people to check out the original 1997 Berserk series. Although the video animation might not be good, the plot of the series highly makes up for it.

This is a dark, complex series intended for a mature audience. If you’re tired of seeing the typical happy go ’round series like Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece, then definitely give this series a try! The story follows a young, talented mercenary named Guts who runs into a group of mercenaries called the “Band of the Hawks”. Impressed by his talents, Griffith, the leader of the Hawks, recruits Guts into his group, and the two set on an adventurous journey.

I hope they stick to the anime series this time, because I wouldn’t want another incomplete show. The manga is still running, so I’m not sure what their end plan for this show is. Comment below what you think of the new Berserk (2016) anime coming out this summer!

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