Mayoiga The Lost Village Anime Review

Mayoiga Anime Review
Mayoiga, also known by the English title “The Lost Village” aired it’s final episode today. The final episode of Mayoiga was disappointing, but this series has nonetheless been a great one overall. The review below is completely spoiler free, and should provide you a good idea about the show, and whether or not it’s something you’ll want to watch.

The story follows a group of kids who are not satisfied with the real world, and want to escape to a mysterious village known as “Nanaki Village”. No one has ever been able to prove the village’s existence, but the rumours are that anyone can start a new life there and don’t have to worry about the everyday problems of the real world. Each kid seems to have a past they wish to escape from. After a few initial bumps, the group of kids finally manage to make it to the mysterious village, which is abandoned. As the kids start exploring the village, they quickly find out that not all as it seems. A number of kids start disappearing from the village, and those who are left have no choice but to find out the true mystery behind the village if they wish to make it back alive.

The anime series Mayoiga started off really interesting, with the ending of each episode wanting you to watch more. This is a mystery/psychological type series, there is not a lot of action going on. However, if you’re someone who is more interested in a nice plot, rather than a bunch of action scenes on screen, then I highly suggest you give this a try. Although not as good, Mayoiga can be compared to Shinsekai yori, or otherwise known as “From the New World”. Both shows have a mystery to it, with characters trying to find out the truth behind everything that’s happening.

I felt that the ending of show was really rushed, and believe things could have been wrapped up better had it been a 13 episode anime, instead of 12. Other then a rushed ending, this is a good anime series for those who are into the mystery/psychology genre. Out of five stars, I would give this show 3.5!

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