How Anime Impacted My Life

My Anime Story
When I was little, I was always bullied, singled out and became a loner for most of my childhood. I often stayed away from others because of the fear of being bullied, started doubting my own capabilities and lived in fear until anime came along.

What impacted me most were the first couple of anime series I watched as a child, not only was I able to relate to the protagonists, but I was taught many things through watching them grow with each episode. Pokemon taught me to overcome hardship, Digimon taught me the value of positive attitudes such as courage, kindness, sincerity and the other traits the Digidestined crests represented and Sailor Moon taught me that 2D girls are the only girls for me (haha just kidding). Sailor Moon taught me that even the most different types of people can become great friends.

To me, anime is one of the most important things in my life. I know it’s a bold statement and I don’t mean that anime is my waifu and I can’t live without it; what I mean to say is that if it wasn’t for anime, I would not have overcame the hardship of bullying, I would not have had the courage to stand up for myself and other and I would not have met the close friends I have today and trust me, we’re close! Our friendship from start to now is longer than the running time of One Piece and our crew is just as tight.

I am very thankful that anime came into my life and to share a little bit of my anime story. I think that everyone who watches anime has their own story and how or even why they watch anime, love it and is thankful to have it in their life. I wonder what your story is and how anime impacted your life?

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