From The New World Anime Review

from the new world
You may have heard of this underrated gem, simply because it basically defines the concept. A slow paced physiological horror with semi degrees of romance, set in a dystopian world. If you like plot twists and having your mind blown, here’s one for you! Assuming you can handle the odd Yaoi/Yuri scene that was probably stitched in because sex sells.

If I were to try to sum up how this story works without spoiling it directly, here’s how I’d put it. Imagine the story as a peaceful ride down a river. At the start, there is the odd wobble that gives you a small fright, but it’s mostly dull. Then you hit a few small waterfalls that mix it up a little bit and peek your interest. This is followed by a mouthful of run off waste from the local psychedelic drugs factory. This sends you into a trip for the next few moments before you come crashing down, right in time to return to that peaceful ride. Only to see further down that the river has somehow caught fire and everyone is screaming. All while a little imp bangs your head with a hammer screaming PLOT TWISTS PLOT TWISTS! Now between your brief moments of consciousness you see floating bodies in the river, while your crew mates all consecutively sh*t themselves. Then just weave some metaphors for sex in there like replacing the oars with… No, no, that’s too vulgar.

But anyway, that’s my description of the story without mentioning anything about it directly, since this really is something you should watch with very little information on it. If you enjoyed Psycho Pass and other extremely gory but slow paced series, you will probably enjoy this too. It’s not heavily action based and the characters are rather basic, but it’s a rich world and story that will leave you thinking.

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