Darker Than Black Anime Review

darker than black
Certainly a fitting title for some kind of drama set in Africa or a statement about my heart.
But Darker Than Black actually has little to do with either, unfortunately. What it does have however is a badass main character who acts like a sort of bounty hunter. Imagine Cowboy Bebop’s Spike and then replace his Dandy style with a cold blooded killer. Now I admit its been awhile since I’ve seen a series, but I do remember thoroughly enjoying the series even if it was a bit slow early on. But it does warm up quite fast. Though by the end it goes… As we say in the Weeb Ghetto. Mirai Nikki.

The story is set within a world where two “Gates” have appeared on the planet. Which somehow gave a certain number of people super powers, coined “Contractors”. These powers however come at a rather high cost. Firstly, you suffer a lobotomy and lose all of your emotions and secondly gain some form of OCD. This forces you to perform some pointless task every time you use your powers like snapping your fingers or caring for the elderly. That said the display of powers vary quite remarkably. From the ability to control gravity, temperature, speed and to list one that wasn’t ripped off of X-Men – explosive blood!

If you haven’t guessed already, this show is quite violent. Not quite up there with Baccano or Another, but definitely near the Grimgar or Berserk. If I had to say one bad thing about this series, is its endings. If I had to say two then it would be the lack of colour. Regardless, if you are interested in a gritty, moderately depressing, Batman wannabe then I can fully recommend Darker Than Black. Because the night might be full of terrors, but at least you aren’t stuck in the body of a squirrel.

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