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Youjo Senki Episode 1 Looks Very Promising!

Youjo Senki Episode 1, also known as Saga of Tanya the Evil in English, has just been released. After watching the first episode, this anime series looks very promising! I love the fact that this anime series has a very serious tone. Every anime season, we’re flooded with anime aimed at a young audience.

Berserk (2016) Episode 3

What an intense Berserk (2016) Episode 3! The series is finally starting to move towards it’s very dark theme. Towards the end of this episode, we’re given some hints as to what we might expect to come. Berserk (2016) Episode 3 Recap The episode starts off with Berserk visiting an abandoned mansion believed to

Berserk (2016) Episode 2

Berserk (2016) Episode 2 was a lot more exciting than it’s previous episode. I was a bit disappointed with the first episode, but it looks like things are finally starting to get good! This may be one of those anime series that has a slow start. Berserk (2016) Episode 2 Recap In episode 2,

Berserk (2016) Episode 1

Berserk (2016) just aired it’s first episode today. As expected, Berserk (2016) follows the events after the original 1997 Berserk anime. Although you could probably watch this series without first watching the original anime series, I wouldn’t recommend it. You will probably be really confused, and not fully appreciate the series. I loved the

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 5

After passing the U.A High School entrance exam last episode through his courageous effort saving his friend Uraraka, Midoriya begins his first day at school. We’re also given some information behind the transfer of All Might’s quirk to Midoriya. This episode is titled “What I Can Do For Now”. My Hero Academia Episode 5

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4

Midoriya begins his official journey to become a superhero. All great heroes have graduated from the prestigious U.A High School, including his hero idol All Might. This episode is titled, “Start Line”. My Hero Academia Episode 4 Recap As one would expect, Midoriya is very nervous and anxious about the entrance exam. The aim

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 3

The last episode ended with All Might telling an emotional Midoriya that he can become a superhero. Boku no Hero Academia Episode 3 starts off with All Might telling Midoriya that he is worthy of inheriting his powers. This episode is titled, “Roaring Muscles”. My Hero Academia Episode 3 Recap Midoriya is shocked and

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 2

The last episode left off with Midoriya asking his superhero idol All Might if he can ever become a superhero even though he is quirkless. In this episode, titled, “What It Takes to Be a Hero”, Midoriya takes his first step towards his journey of becoming a superhero. My Hero Academia Episode 2 Recap

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1

The story follows Izuku Midoriya, who has always dreamed of becoming a superhero. Most of the population is gifted with superpowers called “quirks”, but there are a few individuals who are “quirkless” – meaning, they possess no superpowers. Izuku Midoriya is one of those individuals, yet despite this, he still dreams of becoming a