Boku no Hero Academia Episode 5

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 5
After passing the U.A High School entrance exam last episode through his courageous effort saving his friend Uraraka, Midoriya begins his first day at school. We’re also given some information behind the transfer of All Might’s quirk to Midoriya. This episode is titled “What I Can Do For Now”.

My Hero Academia Episode 5 Recap

All Might visits Midoriya to congratulate him on passing the entrance exam. All Might explains to Midoriya that he needs to strengthen his body in order to be able to control his newly acquired quirk. It is hinted in this episode that as Midoriya grows and becomes stronger, All Might will become weaker. This might explains the transfer of power mentioned in previous episodes. All Might states, “And then, I will slowly become weak and disappear, and I will finish my job”.

Boku no Hero Academia Ep 5 scene 1
Midoriya walks into class, and still seems to be uncomfortable around Bakugou, who earned the highest points during the entrance exam. The class is greeted by their home teacher, Shota Aizawa, who decides to hold a physical exam on the first day of school to test each student’s quirk. What’s even worst, Aizawa states that the person who does the worst during the physical exam will be expelled. This naturally frightens Midoriya, who still cannot control his quirk. The physical exam consists of various exercises, such as sprints, long distance run, long jumps, shot put, etc.

Boku no Hero Academia Ep 5 scene 2
Midoriya does terrible compared to others at almost all events. It is now his turn to shot put – to try to throw a heavy ball as far as possible. This is Midoriya’s last chance to prove himself during this physical exam, so he tries to use his quirk to help him, even though it’ll result in a broken arm. As Midoriya activates his quirk, and is about to throw the ball, Mr. Aizawa cancels out his quirk – this is his special ability known as “Eraser Head”.

Boku no Hero Academia Ep 5 scene 3
Naturally, the ball doesn’t go very far, and Midoriya is stunned. Mr. Aizawa explains that he cancelled his quirk, because what is the point of having a quirk that will result in one being incapacitated, and others forced to help him? Midoriya still has two more tries to throw the ball. Midoriya contemplates for a moment on what he should do. As he is throwing the ball for the second time, Midoriya activates his quirk only on his index finger, and is able to throw the ball a very far distance. This way, it’s only his index finger that is broken, and Midoriya tells his teacher, “I can still move”.

It was interesting to see what type of quirks other students had in this episode. Midoriya was also able demonstrate his ability to rely on his brains instead of brute strenght. Comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode!

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