Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 4
Midoriya begins his official journey to become a superhero. All great heroes have graduated from the prestigious U.A High School, including his hero idol All Might. This episode is titled, “Start Line”.

My Hero Academia Episode 4 Recap

Boku no Hero Academia ep 4 scene 1
As one would expect, Midoriya is very nervous and anxious about the entrance exam. The aim of the practical exam is to defeat as many robots as possible to earn points in a given time frame. As the exam begins, all the other participants begin defeating the robots and earning themselves points. Midoriya however, has no luck and is at zero points. As the time begins to run down, Midoriya is in panic mode because he could potentially fail the exam.

Boku no Hero Academia ep 4 scene 2
During the finals minutes of the exam, a huge robot appears. All the other participants run away to safety, since there is no point wasting time trying to defeat this massive robot and it was made clear earlier by the school that defeating the big robot will earn no points. None of the participants even think they can defeat the huge robot in the first place, so everyone decides to get away from it. Midoriya too, like everyone else, is frightened by the huge robot, and tries to make a run for it. When Midoriya looks back, he sees a female participant he met earlier in the day in trouble. Her leg is stuck under concrete, and she cannot escape from the big robot as it is making its way to her. Midoriya freezes for a moment, as he tries to grasp what is going on around him. Seconds later, he turns back and runs straight towards the direction of the big robot.

Boku no Hero Academia ep 4 scene 3
As Midoriya is running towards the big robot, he activates the quirk given to him by All Might, which appears to give him super strength. He jumps up in the air, and punches the robot, describing this move as “Smash”. The big robot is completely destroyed, and all the other participants stare in awe and can’t believe what just happened. Midoriya’s arm is completely broken, as he still cannot control his powers. Luckily, a nurse with a special quirk to heal wounds helps him. Midoriya goes back home disappointed, after earning zero points. Midoriya receives a letter from U.A, and isn’t looking forward to opening it. To Midoriya’s surprise, he actually passed, because he showed self sacrifice. The letter reveals that there were two ways participants could earn points. First, they could defeat the smaller robots to earn points, second, they could earn rescue points by saving others from danger. Because Midoriya saved Ochako Uraraka, he earned 60 points, thus passing the entrance exam!

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