Boku no Hero Academia Episode 3

Boku no Hero Academia episode 3
The last episode ended with All Might telling an emotional Midoriya that he can become a superhero. Boku no Hero Academia Episode 3 starts off with All Might telling Midoriya that he is worthy of inheriting his powers. This episode is titled, “Roaring Muscles”.

My Hero Academia Episode 3 Recap

Boku no Hero Academia ep 3 - scene 1
Midoriya is shocked and in disbelief when All Might suggests that he should inherit his power. So far, we’ve only been told that quirks are an innate ability an individual is born with. However, All Might tells Midoriya that his quirk is special, in that it can be transferred from person to person. All Might received his quirk, called “One for All” from someone else as well. This special type of quirk becomes more powerful as it passes on to each successive person, as they add something to it. At the present moment, Midoriya cannot inherit All Might’s quirk because his body would not be able to handle it. Therefore, All Might suggests a 10 month training regimen, to strengthen Midoriya’s body. The training takes place in an abandoned beach, which has become a garbage disposal area that has accumulated huge amounts of trash throughout the years. All Might tasks Midoriya with cleaning up the entire beach, and in the process, strengthening his muscles.

Boku no Hero Academia ep 3 - scene 2
A task at first that seemed impossible to accomplish in the time frame given, Midoriya barely manages to finish it in the last minute. All Might is surprised, as he did not think Midoriya could accomplish the feat. A tired Midoriya lays in the arms of All Might, and tells him “I did it..”. Moments later in the episode, an excited Midoriya is waiting for All Might to transfer his powers to him, as his body is now ready to inherit his powers. Midoriya is surprised when All Might pulls a strand of his blonde hair, and tells him to eat it – a process that will transfer his quirk to him. All Might explains that it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as a piece of DNA from All Might transfers to him. Midoriya reluctantly eats it. The episode ends with Midoriya and a group of other hero prospects, such as Bakugou enter the prestigious U.A school to take the entrance exam.

This episode provided some information behind All Might’s quirk and laid the foundation for Midoriya soon possessing a quirk. Some viewers may be disappointed, as there was little to no action in this episode, however, it was still interesting nonetheless. Comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode!

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