Boku no Hero Academia Episode 2

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 2
The last episode left off with Midoriya asking his superhero idol All Might if he can ever become a superhero even though he is quirkless. In this episode, titled, “What It Takes to Be a Hero”, Midoriya takes his first step towards his journey of becoming a superhero.

My Hero Academia Episode 2 Recap

Boku no Hero Academia ep 2 - scene 1
Midoriya is disappointed when All Might gives him a reality check, telling him that becoming a superhero without having a quirk is impossible. All Might suggest Midoriya become a police officer instead, which in itself is a heroic profession in his opinion. All Might makes it clear to Midoriya that being a superhero is no kids game, and is a very dangerous profession. This is evident when All Might turns into a frail, weak form due to an injury he sustained years ago. All Might explains to Midoriya that there’s a time limit on how long he can stay in his powerful, superhero form.

Boku no Hero Academia ep 2 - scene 2
Disheartened, and finally coming to the realization that becoming a superhero is not a possibility for him, Midoriya makes his way back home. In the mean time, the villain that attacked Midoriya in the first episode escapes and starts rampaging throughout the city. Several heroes try to stop him, but to no avail. All Might, in his frail form, comes to the scene and starts blaming himself for letting the villain escape. He can’t do anything about it either, because he was in his stronger form not too long ago, therefore, he needs more time before he can transform himself again. The villain manages to capture a kid, and by this time, Midoriya has also come to the scene. Upon the realization that the captured kid is his classmate and bully Katsuki Bakugou, Midoriya, without consciously realizing it, starts rushing towards the villain in an attempt to rescue Bakugou.

Boku no Hero Academia ep 2 - scene 3
Midoriya’s attempt to rescue Bakugou is futile, as he is easily captured and in real danger now. Witnessing the courage displayed by Midoriya, All Might forcefully transforms himself to his superhero form, and manages deflect the villain’s attack on Midoriya. The villain engages in a battle with All Might, but stands no chance against the strongest and most famous superhero. The embarrassed Bakugou who was rescued by Midoriya confronts him, and tells him that he didn’t need to be saved. Towards the end of the episode, All Might meets up with Midoriya and thanks him, because it was the courage displayed by Midoriya that forced All Might to forcefully transform himself, even though it resulted in his body taking damage. All Might finally tells Midoriya what he always wanted to hear from his idol, that he too can become a superhero!

This series is getting really good, and it’s only the second episode! The scene where Midoriya rushes to save Bakugou was really bad ass. The start of the relationship between Midoriya and All Might has been established. It’ll be interesting to see how this bond between the two develops throughout the series. Don’t forget to leave your comment down below and let me know what you thought of this episode!

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