Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Movie Released!

Black Butler: Book of the AtlanticIf you are a Black Butler fan then you know what is coming on January 21, 2017. It is the release that every Black Butler fan has been waiting for, the release date for the Book of Atlantic. Many fans who have read the Luxury Liner arc from the manga series already know what is to be expected and are excited to see the arc come to life. Anyone who has not read the manga arc already are in for a treat. The new movie is adapting the original Luxury Liner Arc from volumes 11-14 of the Black Butler Manga series written by Yana Toboso. The setting will be the Luxury Liner Campania, which holds mysterious rumors of resurrecting the dead.

The Luxury Liner holds unexpected events for everyone who goes to investigate this mysterious liner. The returning characters include, of course everyone’s favorite demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, the young Earl, Ciel Phantomhive, and the Earl’s fiancé, Elizabeth Midford. Also returning is the eccentric red reaper who has an obsession with our demon butler, yes Grelle Sutcliff is back with another reaper who debuted in season 2. He is the reaper with a lawn mower as his death scythe, Ronald Knox is back, as well as another reaper who makes a minor appearance, William T. Spears. There is another reaper who is coming out of retirement and making an appearance with his old death scythe and everything. I am sure most of us know who this reaper is, but if you do not then you will just have to wait for the movie. Either way I am sure you will enjoy his appearance in the movie. I know I am looking forward to it.

Now, anyone who has seen Book of Murder will know which Book of Circus character is making a return appearance. Again if you have not seen it then you will just have to wait and find out in the upcoming movie. Other characters that will be making an appearance in the upcoming movie will be Charles Grey, Charles Phipps, and the Viscount of Druitt. Finally, what is Black Butler without the loyal servants of the Phantomhive residence making an appearance? Of course they will be making a short appearance in the movie as well. This will include Baldroy, Finnian, and Mey-Rin.

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