The Best Anime Fight Scene Ever!

Guy vs Madara
From Emiya Kiritsusugu and Kotomine Kirei’s battle in Fate/Zero, Kujo Jotaro vs DIO in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders to Kagura vs Abuto in Gintama, anyone who has ever watched anime has their own opinion on what their favourite fight scene is. Most anime fights involve some form of physical and magical element along with back and forth conversation between the protagonist and antagonist. The fluid movement between two characters as he or she punches, kicks, screams, grunts, or scoffs their way through a battle is what makes most anime fight scenes worth watching.

In my opinion, the battle between Might Guy versus Madara is one of the best anime fight scenes ever.

Starting with the continuation of the Fourth Great Ninja War in the 17th season of Naruto Shippuden, Guy activates the Eight Inner Gates, specifically the Seventh Gate of Shock, against Six Paths Madara. Now with this technique, Guy’s strength and speed increases as he secretes a glowing blue vapour from every inch of his body and the sheer force coming from his opening of the Seventh Gate of Shock causes huge bursts of air to overwhelm Madara and Guy’s comrades as they have to shield themselves to not be blown away from Guy’s technique. Guy charges at Madara and tries to land a few punches and kicks but Madara easily evades them. Guy then uses Hirudora which causes him to be buried partially under rocks. Madara again escapes Guy’s Hirudora attack. This scene got me little worried but at the same time I knew that the fight between Guy and Madara had yet to be finished.

During the next episode, a young Guy gets introduced to the forbidden jutsu “The Eight Inner Gates Technique” by his father Duy. Although this episode was a filler, I found it interesting to see how Guy obtained the jutsu. This episode also shows the beginning of the eternal rivalry between Guy and Kakashi and presents Guy’s activation of “The Gate of Death” and the opening of Sekizo, Evening Elephant.

With the 8th gate activated, Guy’s maximum power is released and he launches Sekizo (a barrage of air cannon punches) at Madara, instantly causing damage to him. However, Madara visibly injured, gets up and taunts Guy. The episode concludes with Naruto meeting the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo, and learning he is the incarnation of one of Hagoromo’s sons, Ashura.

In conclusion, I felt these episodes highlighted Guys physical abilities and techniques beautifully. The way Guy jumps into battle with his own sheer determination and will against a seemingly unbeatable Madara reminds me of how facing any challenge in life is decided by my own will and self-resolve.

What would you consider as the best anime fight scene ever?

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